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Get all the inside secrets and tools you need to help you bust through your fears, connect to your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life, business and relationships… Listen in as Lori Harder, founder of the Bliss Project, 3X time fitness world champion, fitness expert and cover model, turned self love junkie - lifestyle entrepreneur and author digs in shares the goods! Each episode is designed to give you the tools, ideas, and inspiration to take action in your life. Tune in for an inspirational guest, a story or a "quickie" of motivation to get you out of a funk or blast you even further on your rockstar journey! Stop waiting until you are happy and go out and earn it! I promise to make sure we have some fun along the way - you can't take this life too serious. It's time to fall in love with the process and take back your control! Oh and please make sure to share the episodes that give you goosebumps and leave us a review!
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Feb 26, 2018


I’ve been a big fan and follower of today’s guest and author Scott Stabile, for a while now. After losing his parents tragically at the age of 14, he felt that he had dealt with the loss in the years after – he did well in school, had a lot of friends, but he kept his parents’ death a secret to all those who didn’t know.


It wasn’t until he was in his 20s that Scott jumped into personal development and realized that he never really faced his loss or dealt with the wide range of emotions that were involved. He had built a wall around himself to keep out the dark, but because we can’t be selective about what we let in, he blocked out so much of the light, too.


Today, since learning to move through his emotions/energy, Scott has made it his mission to use love as his guiding force in life and serve the world with the power of love and positivity. On every level, he strives to operate from the energy of love, kindness and compassion. Can you imagine if the entire world did this? Scott believes we must focus on showing up in our own truth and then aligning ourselves in love.


I cannot thank Scott enough for being so open and honest and willing to share so much of his heart with us today. It has definitely further engrained in me to originate everything I do in love to obtain the best outcome. And if you love this, you’ll really want to check out his book, “Big Love.”




Question Highlights:

  • Where did your story start?
  • What did it look like when your wall was up? What was the turning point?
  • What did the space look like when you had to go back and heal, forgive and let go of the shame?
  • Is there something else you do to help move your energy/emotions through?
  • What was the moment that helped you see what you needed to let go?
  • How do we show up with an “open” intention?
  • What is something you do when neediness (or another emotion) comes up again?
  • Why did you write “Big Love?”


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Scott’s tragic loss of his parents at age 14 and how it affected him
  • Getting honest with your feelings and sitting in the uncomfortable
  • The energy and discovery that comes with writing
  • The power of conversations to help move energy/emotions through
  • The importance of self-care
  • How breathing in a conscious way can unlock pockets of darkness
  • Showing up in your truth and having an awareness of how you’re showing up in the world
  • The power of intention, acceptance and flexibility
  • Self-love – becoming aware of it and making it a practice
  • Why all emotions are important
  • The beauty in sharing our hardships, struggles and idiosyncrasies with others
  • And so much more…




“Love is the guiding force in my life.”


“Unless we’re honest about what we’re experiencing in the world and unless we’re willing to sit in the uncomfortable feelings and feel, there is no potential for healing.”


“When you’re ready to grow and heal, and you’re really open to looking at yourself and your experience honestly, life is going to provide ample opportunity for you to do so.”


“When I’m taking care of myself, I feel more taken care of by the world.”


“When we’re willing to take responsibility for how we’re showing up in the world, the possibilities for growth are endless.”


“We can be clear on our intentions, but that doesn’t always mean that we’re going to get what we want. And it certainly doesn’t mean that we’re going to get what we want in the way we want to receive it.”


“Wherever we’re putting our energy toward avoiding feeling, we’re giving all of our energy toward that feeling.”


“What does love invite me to do in this moment?”


“Go within. Go to love. Love is the key to joy.”



Scott Stabile is the author of Big Love. His inspirational posts and videos have attracted a huge and devoted social media following, including over 350K Facebook fans and counting. A regular contributor to the Huffington Post, he lives in Michigan and conducts personal empowerment workshops around the world. Visit him online at



Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart by Scott Stabile

IG: @scottstabile



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Feb 22, 2018


Now that my book is available for pre-order, I am over the moon excited to talk a bit more about it and the journey it’s taken me on so far. First of all, I’ve always felt there was a book inside me waiting to be shared with the world, I just didn’t know when and I certainly didn’t know how it would happen.


It may come as shock to some that I’ve been working on this book for nearly four years now, but after many rejections, the publishing company that I wished for accepted my proposal and offered me the exact amount I had envisioned. The rejections were hard, but I only needed one yes, and I had faith that it would come.


“When we continue to choose faith, it’s going to show up in a completely different way thank you expect.”


But once my book proposal was accepted and we talked timelines, I did the unthinkable. I scrapped everything I’d written and started over. I knew so much more than what I initially wrote about and knew that this book was going to be a launch pad for a bigger movement. The book title, A Tribe Called Bliss, hit me like a lightning bolt on a plane ride home from a getaway with my husband. I knew, without a doubt, the message my book was meant to tell.


So here it is: we are not meant to do this all alone. We need to surround ourselves with a tribe that up-levels our lives, but also supports us and holds us accountable to our goals. But after many years of unknowingly searching for this tribe, I know it’s not an easy task. And that’s where this book comes in. I walk you through how to build your own tribe, step by step, and provide you with scripts and talking points to help you and your tribe reach your highest potential. There will be bumps along the way, but I’ve also included tips to help you remedy them.


It is my hope that you all grab a copy of this book and invite others to join you. I can only imagine the energy that will be pulsing through the universe when women do this together. I know firsthand that I would be lost without the support and encouragement I have in mine.


“It takes a tribe to build a tribe.” 



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • About Lori’s book-writing journey and how A Tribe Called Bliss came to be
  • How A Tribe Called Bliss helps you build a tribe that up-levels your life
  • What the Seven Sacred Agreement are




A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

Now available for pre-order at

Be sure to screenshot your pre-order and tag me along with three other tribe members who you want to join you for the chance to win a copy of the book (galley copy that’s not fully edited). I will announce the winner on InstaStories.

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Feb 19, 2018


You know how you meet someone and you instantly feel a soul connection? That’s exactly what it felt like when I heard today’s guest, Sheri Salata, speak at an AWE (Amazing Women Entrepreneurs) event about a year ago. I loved her energy and identified with her when she began speaking, and I then had the honor of meeting her briefly. Needless to say, I’d been dying to interview her ever since and was thrilled when were finally able to sit down and chat – in person!


Sheri is funny, successful and soulful – a powerful trifecta if I ever heard of one. With a 21-year career with The Oprah Winfrey Show, she admittedly had the dreamy career, but she realized she didn’t have the dreamy life. And she came to discover that it was because she forgot how to dream and use happiness (not misery) as her compass.


As Sheri and her friend’s podcast, “This is Fifty,” suggests, it’s never too late to change your story, find happiness and follow your dreams – no matter what your age is.


This was one of the fastest hours of my life and I know this episode will fly for you too. It’s my hope that you soak in every moment of Sheri’s dreamy goodness and put on your magical glasses to see the miracles that surround us all.




Question Highlights:

  • What did it feel like when you knew there was something else?
  • How did you start to calibrate your “compass?”
  • What do you tell women who think it’s too late or that their dreams have passed?
  • What is a story you feel you’re working through right now?
  • What is on your “to-be” list?
  • How do you get your “being space” rolling?
  • Where are you getting joy from during your 90-day cleanse?
  • What are you most excited about?
  • What are you a beginner at right now?
  • When you spot something (a miracle), do you call it out or celebrate it?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • What Sheri knows right now
  • Why happiness is the right compass (not misery)
  • Dreaming as a muscle and a valuable activity
  • Changing your story to make your dreams come true
  • What achievement means to Sheri now
  • The importance of having ONE integrated life
  • Why Sheri seeks happiness, joy, love and peace in everything
  • What it means to be in the “being space” of manifesting
  • Being in integrity with yourself and making tweaks as you go
  • Clarity and what it means to Sheri
  • Why it’s important to lean into self-care rituals and the energy that’s going to help you manifest your dreams
  • Sheri and her friend’ Nancy’s This is Fifty podcast
  • And so much more…




“I’m a champion resetter and reframer.”


“Happiness is the right compass.”


“Stories make our dreams come true.”


“Reimagine what’s possible and reignite that flame.”


“I work on my ‘to-be’ list, not my to-do list.”


“You can have the greatest boss in the world, but you’re still getting bossed.”


“I only want to be on the joy road.”


“Be a ‘BE-er” of transformation, not a talker about it.”


“Dreams put you in a state of potential and possibility while appreciating where you’re at right now.”


“There’s no more important story than the story you’re telling yourself about yourself.”


“Don’t lose hope in your own possibilities.”


“Stir the hope soup.”


“Hope is the beginning of the trail.”


“You’re supposed to live the life of your dreams.”



Sheri Salata is cohost of the popular podcast series “This is Fifty with Sheri and Nancy” where she and her soulmate friend of 27 years, Nancy Hala, are recreating the middle of life as they set out to make the rest of their dreams come true. Sheri and Nancy are also co-founders of STORY, a media company producing print, digital and live event content, and Orange Dragon Productions developing TV and film content. 


Sheri’s current venture is the evolution from her 21-year career with Oprah Winfrey. Her action-packed days as Executive Producer on The Oprah Winfrey Show were chronicled in the acclaimed docuseries Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes. Sheri also served as Co-President of Harpo Studios and OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.  


Sheri has been named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Power 100 and the 2017 Feminist Press Power Award winners. Sheri is a University of Iowa alum and mama to her English bulldogs, Bella and Kissy. She lives in Los Angeles.



This is Fifty with Sheri and Nancy Podcast

IG: @sherisalata


Check out my website at Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook.

Feb 15, 2018


In a recent Instagram post, I shared how life was a lot like buying something from IKEA. You ask for something and you receive it, but it’s nothing like you expected. It comes in pieces, there are no directions and oh, your dog ate the instructions. So now you have to figure out how to make something out of this mess. It’s time to get resourceful.


Life is much the same. Every day you’re thrown a new obstacle – whether it’s relationships, love or business – that you must navigate through. You build the skills as you go – and more than likely crash and burn a couple of times – but you learn what works and what doesn’t. These challenges aren’t obstacles, they’re lessons and it’s our job to figure out what they are.


I’m right in the middle of a huge “IKEA delivery.” So many pieces, with zero direction and I don’t know which end is up. Can you relate? I’ve once again had to allow myself to be a beginner and create a new process as I go. It’s rocky, but I’ve learned that I can let myself to kick, scream and cry so long as I’m putting in the time and work. There’s a TON of lessons being learned and I know I will use them moving forward.


“Obstacles are here to serve me, not break me down.”



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why we must choose adversity before it chooses us
  • How life delivers you exactly what you’re asking for
  • Why we need to find the lessons among the obstacles




A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder --> Now available for pre-order at

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Feb 12, 2018

Oh my goodness, today’s episode with life coach and author, Lauren Zander, rocked my world! I had so many self-realizations during our conversation, I had to remind myself that it wasn’t a coaching session for me!


With a degree in environmental studies, Lauren took a job in the field right after college. But as time went on she realized that while she loved the cause, she was unhappy with the actual work. From there, she pivoted into the only self-help company she knew of and worked there for seven years until she ran out “screaming” and started her own personal coaching business.


Fast-forward to today and Lauren’s coaching company, The Handel Group, runs four different divisions dedicated to helping individuals and businesses alike create cultures that promote happiness and allow everyone to excel. Almost nothing is off limits when her and her teams deep-dive into their clients’ worlds to figure out what the problems are and what needs to change or be fixed.


I have a feeling that you’re going to run out and grab Lauren’s book or her coaching programs because I know it made me want to! She promotes the truth and she speaks nothing but – and it’s just so refreshing. Enjoy!




Question Highlights:

  • Where do shifts begin for people?
  • How do you get a smaller culture not to be afraid to share how they feel?
  • What’s something we can do to shift into a powerful mindset?
  • What are some of your favorite ways to connect people?
  • What are you most excited about with your book, Maybe It’s You?
  • Have you been in front of an issue that you felt was so big you didn’t want to begin?
  • How do we know when it’s time for a person to not be in our lives?
  • What recharges you?
  • Is there anything in your life that feels like it needs completion?
  • Is there something you need to release and care less about in order to care more about where you’re going?
  • What inspires you?
  • Do you have favorite books?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Lauren’s transition from environmental studies to self-help and coaching
  • The many different modalities of Lauren’s company, the Handel Group
  • How to help people feel more comfortable in smaller groups
  • When leaders don’t lead
  • How everyone has the ability to change a culture and be a leader
  • Lauren’s book, “Maybe It’s You”
  • How people ignore their self-dialogue and how it affects them
  • Why telling the truth is the easiest and best thing to do
  • The things you tolerate in people and what keeps them around in your life
  • The promises Lauren keeps with her co-workers
  • And so much more…




“Self-discovery is actually the way to make a lot more money and be happy.”


“Anyone can change a culture.”


“Anyone can wake up and decide to be a leader.”


“Truth-telling is not that complicated.”


“Stop thinking you need to lie.”



Lauren Handel Zander is the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel Group®, an international corporate consulting and life coaching company. Her coaching methodology, The Handel Method®, is taught in over 35 universities and institutes of learning around the world, including MIT, Stanford Graduate School of Business, NYU, and the New York City Public School System. Lauren is also the author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life (published by Hachette Book group, April 2017), a no-nonsense, practical manual that helps readers figure out not just what they want out of life, but how to actually get there. She has spent over 20 years coaching thousands of private and corporate clients, including executives at Vogue, BASF, and AOL. Lauren has been a featured expert in The New York Times, BBC, Forbes, Women’s Health, Dr. Oz, and Marie Claire and she is a regular contributor to Businessweek and the Huffington Post.


Inner.U Group Life Coaching Program

Find her book at:

Books mentioned by Lauren:

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard

Feeling Is the Secret by Neville Goddard


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Feb 8, 2018

Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to Guatemala as part of Pencils of Promise, an organization that’s committed to building sustainable schools. And wow, what a life-shifting and world-changing trip. I thought I was already rooted in gratitude, but this trip really grounded me and made me even more grateful for everything.


Pure transparency, this trip didn’t come at an ideal time with my crazy schedule. But it actually turned out to be THE perfect time for me to get a major (and much-needed) perspective shift and reframe.


Upon returning, I found myself grateful for the sidewalk, clean water, my bed, but especially my cup of coffee – you name it! In the village where we stayed, they literally grow their own coffee beans, pick them, roast them and then brew their cup. This particular village has only had electricity for five years and most have homes with dirt floors. How often do we all tend to take these things for granted? Some of the things we worry about are so small when you look at other parts of the world. My advice:


“Choose what you’re going to hold tight near and dear to your heart. And choose what you’re going to let go of.”


There is so much that doesn’t matter. Choose to focus on the people you love and get more love out into the world. Focus on giving back, spreading your message and doing what you love so you can make YOUR impact on the world.



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why it’s so powerful to find beauty in the simple things
  • Why we must share our message with love
  • How perspective and gratitude change everything




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Pencils of Promise

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Feb 5, 2018

I’m so happy to have fitness experts and coaches, Chris and Eric Martinez (Dynamic Duo), on the show today! After dealing with the tragic loss of their father at the young age of 17, both were left with a lot of anger when dealing with that pain. After some missteps along the way (we all have them), they made the decision to stop stewing in their pain and pursue their passion. After stumbling on and becoming inspired by a magazine article, they took action to get coached and followed up by earning their certifications and creating Dynamic Duo Training.


Now they’re teaching all their clients how to make massive shifts in their mindsets to promote growth and abundance while working on the physical as well. I had so much fun talking with the identical twins and trading stories and lessons from all of our journeys. I have a feeling you’ll be able to take away some valuable knowledge nuggets, too. Enjoy!




Question Highlights:

  • What is an attitude that you guys bring to everything you do that you found has served you?
  • Where do you guys go to get into an abundant mindset around your business when you’re creating?
  • If you had a billboard and it was the only thing that you could share with people, what would it say?
  • How do you balance high standards in all areas of your life?
  • Which of the 4 Pillars of Life, do you struggle with the most?
  • Is your clientele mostly men or women? And is there an overarching theme among them?
  • What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
  • What is your morning routine?
  • Do you have boundaries around social media?
  • What are things you do to disconnect?
  • What is something you wish more people knew about you or asked you about?


In This Episode We Talk about:

  • Shifting your mindset to one of abundance
  • Leveling up and getting better
  • The importance of humility and having a growth mindset
  • KLT (Know, Like and Trust)
  • The life-shifting events that drove Eric and Chris to begin Dynamic Duo
  • Finding balance between the extremes
  • The 4 Pillars of Life (Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness)
  • Learning to teach what you’ve learned to others
  • The power in morning and nightly wind-down routines
  • Mental de-loading
  • Their book, “The New Era of Fitness”
  • And so much more…




“Be a giver not a taker.”


“Stop chasing being physically fit. Work on being more mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit.”


“Chase the six-pack in your brain.”


“Choose faith over fear.”


“In the absence of clarity take action.”



Chris and Eric Martinez, also known as the “Dynamic Duo,” operate a world class online Training, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Consulting Business by the name of “Dynamic Duo Training.” Chris and Eric are also business coaches that help fitness enthusiasts grow their online businesses.


Chris and Eric have worked with thousands of people via online and in person to help them look better, feel better, perform better, and live a dynamic lifestyle through training, nutrition, mindset, personal development, and lifestyle practices.


They practice what they preach on a daily basis and that’s to live a dynamic lifestyle, which in their eyes means to keep evolving in life, training, and nutrition, and to never live a static and complacent lifestyle. Be excited every morning and reach for the stars, you deserve it!


The New Era of Fitness by Chris and Eric Martinez
















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Feb 1, 2018

As I’ve shared in recent episodes, my plate is currently full ­­– the fullest it’s ever been with the most beautiful, epic things. But here’s the flip side, I still get anxiety around it all and feel overwhelmed. With that in mind, it’s imperative that I find the peace in between the moments of chaos.


Thankfully my husband shared three life-shifting questions from Tim Ferriss with me to help shift my perspective when I feel chaos creeping in. I cannot believe what a game-changer they’ve been in the past week. These questions are to be asked whenever you’re presented with a task that you’re either dreading, nervous about or just plain unsure of how you feel about it. Are you ready? The three questions are:


  1. What would this look like if it were fun?
  2. What would this look like if it were easy?
  3. What would this look like if it were graceful?


These are the questions asked by those who want to live an epic life. Just the other day, these questions helped me show up for a call as my authentic self. I didn’t pretend to be someone I wasn’t. I approached it with zero expectations and made an authentic connection and the call ended with a surprising (incredible!) outcome. When you incorporate these questions into your life, you’re also inviting in more ease, forgiveness and power to let go of the things that aren’t serving you.


Feel like giving it a whirl? Try asking these questions for a day and let me know how it works for you by sharing under my post. It’s so exciting to share the tools I’ve used and I love to hear how they’re helping you, too!



In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • The three questions that can help you live an epic life
  • Why it’s important to make and have authentic connections
  • What it means to find sustainability




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