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Get all the inside secrets and tools you need to help you bust through your fears, connect to your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life, business and relationships… Listen in as Lori Harder, founder of the Bliss Project, 3X time fitness world champion, fitness expert and cover model, turned self love junkie - lifestyle entrepreneur and author digs in shares the goods! Each episode is designed to give you the tools, ideas, and inspiration to take action in your life. Tune in for an inspirational guest, a story or a "quickie" of motivation to get you out of a funk or blast you even further on your rockstar journey! Stop waiting until you are happy and go out and earn it! I promise to make sure we have some fun along the way - you can't take this life too serious. It's time to fall in love with the process and take back your control! Oh and please make sure to share the episodes that give you goosebumps and leave us a review!
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Dec 29, 2016

Excited to have my favorite person and #1 fan on today’s podcast, my amazing husband! Chris and I have been married for over 11 years and have been work partners-in-crime for over half of that time!

As 2017 rapidly approaches, we are thrilled to be able to share our tips and tools for a prosperous New Year. Listen in for “Our 6 Steps To Achieving Our Goals:”

  1. Set your goals
  2. Create a clearing
    • time blocking
    • daily habits
  3. Change what “your best” is
  4. Redefine your rewards
  5. Find and enroll your tribe
    • 60 day challenge
  6. One day at a time
    • be present
    • full time faith
    • patience


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Dec 27, 2016

Preston Smiles, Personal Freedom Coach, is like nobody in the speaking or personal development world. Breaking all the rules, Preston is carving out his own path as an emerging Next Generation Thought Leader. He has been on the cover of Millennial Magazine with his wife Alexi and also won the Millennial Mentor Award by Elixir Magazine, and recently launched his book LOVE LOUDER- 33 Ways to Amplify Your Life (published by Simon and Schuster). 

Preston is a force to be reckoned with. Generating millions of views with his message of LOVE, AUTHENTICITY and CREATIVITY, Preston Smiles is making a huge impact with his loyal social media tribe, using his unique gift to make complex ideas simple and relatable. Going through different stages, and feeling as if he has lived in many lifetimes, Preston shares with us how and why he began making it his life’s mission to preach LOVE.

Growing up Dyslexic, in the 80’s, the public school system decided to place Preston in Special-Ed classes. Feeling as if he were less than or “uncool,” his mission was to prove them all wrong. Making friends with all the “cliques,” dominating in all sports and always on top of the latest clothing trends, Preston outwardly seemed fine, but was still really a hurting young boy on the inside. Joining a gang at the young age of 11 and partaking in illegal activities, Preston was taken out of his first school and moved into a predominately “white” school, which made him the cool new kid as he called it.

I began to notice that underneath all of our stories, we are all dealing with the same stuff.”

But the saga continued…Fast forwarding to his twenties, Preston experienced a personal health scare that changed his life. Turning his “mess into his message” is just putting it lightly. He is now one of our most influential speakers and a proud preacher of love.

Surrounding himself with constant positivity and acts of kindness, his name “Smiles” is well fitting. His advice for attracting the right kinds of love is heartwarming and his outlook on life is the guideline I believe we should all follow. If you're looking to spark or RE-spark the flame in your relationship, you've come to the right place.

“Love is all there is, was and ever will be.”

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Relationships
  • Love
  • Growing
  • Synchronicity
  • Positivity
  • Fate
  • Attracting
  • Vibes
  • Sabotaging



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Dec 22, 2016

Christine Hassler left her successful job as a Hollywood agent at 25 to pursue a life she could be passionate about . . . but it did not come easily. After being inspired by her own unexpected challenges and experiences, she realized her journey was indeed her destination.

In 2005, she wrote her first best-selling book and began her life’s work as a coach, keynote speaker, author, retreat leader, and podcast host. Christine began coaching in 2004 and is a known for catalyzing radical self-reflection while offering practical direction. Her third book, Expectation Hangover is the guidebook for how to transform adversity into opportunity.

Dedicated to inspiring people to make the changes that lead to fulfillment, she hosts a weekly podcast, Over It and On With It, where she life coaches people live on the air. Christine also runs a business-training program teaching entrepreneurs how to build a prosperous career according to their “Secret Sauce.”

As a professional speaker, Christine leads seminars and workshops to audiences around the country at conferences, and corporations. She has appeared as an expert on The Today Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, E! and many others. She is also a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and Cosmo. Christine grew up in Dallas, graduated cum laude from Northwestern University and received her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Christine is active in volunteerism and loves living a healthy lifestyle.

She currently resides in Los Angeles and loves spending time with her family and friends in Austin, Texas. For those of you who may not dabble in your personal “energies” much, or even for those of us who think we are pros at understanding and truly feeling our energies, Christine is back on today to switch things up for us!

Being it is her second time around on the Earn Your Happy podcast, I knew that this topic was one I think we could all use some EXTRA knowledge in… Did you know as a man AND a woman, we all have both masculine and feminine energies?!

“We’ve been living in the illusion of separation and living mostly in ego, like we've come up with constructed personalities and we are sort of now just getting back to the knowing that we are all one, that we are all connected.”

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Expectations
  • Vulnerability
  • Diversity
  • Showing up
  • Feminine Energy
  • Masculine Energy
  • Balance


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Dec 19, 2016

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Holly Perkins is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. She is the author of Lift to Get Lean (Rodale, 2015) and the leader of Women’s Strength Nation. Holly is a contributing writer and expert for Women’s Health, SELF, Fitness, Shape, Prevention, Men’s Health and LIVESTRONG. Holly’s mission is to empower women on a personal and spiritual level by leading them into the weight room on a journey of physical strength. Shape magazine named Holly as one of the “Top Trainers to Follow” in 2015.

Raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, Holly’s mom was pressing to make sure she chose a career path and was adamant that she pursued whatever she dreamt. With that being said, around the time Holly was in high school, she had no choice but to start to think about her future.

“I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. All I knew was that I loved fitness!”

Following her bliss, as she calls it, she eventually graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, beginning her career as a personal trainer at a high-end, celebrity focused gym in New York. Although her work life couldn't have gone better, Holly hit a low point in her personal life, escalating her passion even more, for fitness and strength training.

“During that phase, the only thing that got me through was my practice and commitment to strength training.”

Fast forwarding to present day, her main message is now to help specifically women, cultivate their personal strength thru strength training! She really hits home as she gets deeper into the “WHAT’S.” What’s really stopping you from loosing the weight? What’s the real reason you wont put on that bikini? She stated it perfectly….

“If it was as simple as just getting into those skinny jeans, you would have already done it. We all have the knowledge and the information out there to do it, it’s actually not that hard. Its all of the other aspects of your motivation and your happiness…what really drives you.”

Getting in shape is just the icing on the cake, it is sorting thru the deep rooted issues and reasons and coming out on the other/better end, that will keep these results long-lasting and meaningful!

“You have to expose your body to a challenge, in order for it to overcome and get stronger.”

These challenges she speaks of, are most likely the ones that you think are “the end,” but let me tell you now…they are really jus the beginning! The job loss, the break up, the pay cut, the loss of a loved one, list the goes on.

Let’s try to turn the “Why is this happening to me?” into “What will I learn from this?” Holly’s amazing advice is guaranteed to turn your frown upside down, dust the cobwebs off your inner strength and allow your Super Woman to SHINE! It’s about time!

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Strength Training
  • Conditioning
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Women
  • Personal strength
  • Challenge
  • Leaps of faith
  • Super power


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Dec 15, 2016

One of my favorite topics, yet one that I feel most of us forget about the fastest…self care. How could you possibly begin to love or care for others, without doing the same for yourself first?!

“It is selfish to not care for yourself”

Whatever story matches yours, maybe you're a Mom, a CEO looking after tons of employees, or a Nurse with long shifts, WHATEVER the case may be, it is vital to look after yourself just as much as you would any one else!

So why the bad rep? Why is it “bad to be selfish?! NEWSFLASH…it’s not! In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you will be criticized anyways!” Starting now (because I am asking you to take a second for yourself,) answer the following questions:

  1. How do I show up the I don’t make time for myself?
  2. How do I show up when I don’t take care of my physical body and health?
  3. How do I show up when I don’t sleep?
  4. How do I show up when I don’t eat foods that make me feel healthy?
  5. How do I show up when I keep putting off that thing I know would make me feel good?

Time for me to get real…

If you want your children to be happy and the people around you, you WILL get selfish, you will be a little bit selfish! It doesn’t mean in life, that you are a selfish person, it just means that you put self care first.”

Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Self care
  • Self love
  • Preparing for the New Year
  • Creating habits
  • Routine
  • Time management
  • Selfishness


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Dec 12, 2016

Growing up outside of Portland, Alexandra describes her childhood as “growing up with hippies.” Always eating healthy, straight out of a garden to be exact, Alex as a young child always craved sugar.

“When I found out that the church down the street served cookies and kool-aid every weekend, I started going to church…by myself, just to have the cookies!” 

By the age of 15, like most teenagers, Alexandra finally got to decide her own diet and what she chose to eat, especially now that she had a job and was making her own money. This continued for about 10 years, until she began to get extremely sick in her mid 20’s.

“I had migraine headaches about 3-4 days a week and put on about 20 lbs. even after the extra college weight.”

The first doctor she visited, wrote her a prescription for a cocktail of different meds, but it wasn't until her second (and different) doctor visit, that they actually found the core of the issues.

“He asked what I had been eating, and gave me a list of foods to eat and a list of foods to avoid. I wanted to cry! The list to avoid was everything I loved.”

It may have been a bottom-point for Alexandra during that time of pain and disappointment, but it turned into a love and passion for food, molding her into what we would call a “Food Junkie!” She attended culinary school at The Natural Gourmet Institute and began diving headfirst into nutritional research, specifically geared towards healing foods. Flashing forward to present day and the (thankfully) healthier Alexandra, she shares the story of how she met her husband, Morgan, and the film they produced together, that not only changed their lives, but the lives of the millions viewers who have ever watched “Super Size Me.” (And if you haven't, I HIGHLY recommend it!) Listen in as Alexandra shares the science behind cravings, the power of healing foods and her extensive amount of nutritional knowledge, that I believe is vital for a healthier happier YOU!

“You cant just take away sugar, you cant just take away the foods that give you that dopamine hit. You have to also add in fun and play and pleasure in equal amounts.”

Going off of what Alexandra said, it’s about taking away AND adding in…it’s called a balanced life!

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Sugar addiction
  • Eating healthy
  • Food awareness
  • Diet
  • Wellness
  • Self care
  • Cravings


See more from the lovely Alexandra at and make sure you download her AMAZING & FREE meditations, through the link above! Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website:

Dec 8, 2016

Before the holiday storm arrives, if it hasn't already, I'm here to help you recharge!

It's important for your own sanity and for those in your company to set a daily recharge, for yourself, to really be able to live in the present and enjoy the most beautiful time of year!

Set agreements for your holiday company, don't be afraid to ask for help when you're feeling overwhelmed, but the key is to remain grateful that you even have this family/friends/things on your agenda! Could you imagine your life without it?! It would be so boring without the chaos!

"We want to wrap every memory in awesomeness!"

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Agreements
  • Permission
  • Recharging
  • Making a set plan
  • Gratefulness


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Dec 5, 2016

Shawn Stevenson is a bestselling author and creator of The Model Health Show, featured as the #1 Nutrition and Fitness podcast on iTunes.

A graduate of The University of Missouri – St. Louis with a background in biology and kinesiology, Shawn went on to be the founder of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance, a successful company that provides Wellness Services for both individuals and organizations worldwide. Shawn is also a dynamic keynote speaker who has spoken for TEDx, universities, and numerous organizations with outstanding reviews.

As an aspiring athlete, Shawn had a bright future in football and other sports. Staying active and playing sports was a way of life, until a tragic incident at the age of 15. Breaking his hip while running on the school track, Shawn came to later find out that he had Degenerative Bone Disease and Degenerative Disc Disease.

“My physician at the time told me I had the spine of an 80 year old, when I was only 20 years old.”

As the years went by, due to lack of motivation and ability to be as active as he once was, Shawn began packing on the pounds. Not only was this disease effecting his body, but also his sleep. The pain it brought on from switching comfortable positions in bed, was unreal.

“I would take a special cocktail of medicines before bed, just to knock me out. But it was pseudo sleep, not the high-quality type of sleep.”

With the hopes and all of his trust of his future solely in the doctors hands, it didn't take long before Shawn realized that it was up to HIM to get HIMSELF better. “I cut away the possibility of anything else, besides me getting well.” And so the journey began…to where Shawn is now! Fast forwarding, and healing (Spoiler alert!) Shawn has become a Best Selling Author and a health/sleep genius! His joy became being of service to those around him, to sharing his story and helping heal those in need. Whether it be love and relationships, health and nutrition or even just the advice to become your own leader, Shawn holds a space to help us all! With absolutely, amazingly insane health and sleep tips, Shawn’s interview on todays podcast is one that I highly recommend you tune into! Did you know you could lose fat while you sleep? …count me in!

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Relationships
  • Love
  • Abundance
  • Diagnosis’
  • Optimizing nutrition
  • Movement
  • Sleep
  • Heath tips
  • Willpower
  • Helping others


For the ultimate guide to maximizing your sleep and your heath, head over to or follow him on social media @shawnmodel Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website:

Dec 1, 2016

"Living in worry invites death in a hurry.”

There’s a reason it’s called “disease.” It is living in a state of dis-ease. Worrying creates certain toxic chemicals which are then sent out to our body, putting us in a state of despair. Crazy to think, but choosing positivity over negativity can actually add years to your life!

“Worry does not take away tomorrow troubles, it takes away todays peace.”

I’d love to share the 5 things you can start doing NOW, to switch your mindset:

  1. Setting aside a “worry time”
  2. Pray
  3. Except what you cannot change
  4. Workout!
  5. Meditate

And now that I’ve gotten your attention, I’m really just here to turn all your worriers, into WARriors!

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Worrying
  • Living in the future instead of the present
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Disease or Dis-Ease
  • Switching your mindset


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Nov 28, 2016

Health and fitness expert Mark Sisson is the Best Selling Author of The Primal Blueprint and one of the leading voices of the Evolutionary Health Movement. His blog,, has paved the way for Primal enthusiasts to challenge conventional wisdom’s diet and exercise principles and take personal responsibility for their health and well-being.

Mark’s efforts to promote primal living extend to a line of nutritional supplements, a book publishing company, a Primal Kitchen line with healthy mayonnaise, salad dressing, and other functional foods, and the burgeoning Primal Kitchen Restaurants fast casual restaurant chain.

Mark is a former elite endurance athlete, with a 2:18 marathon and a 4th place Hawaii Ironman finish. His latest book, Primal Endurance, applies the primal eating and lifestyle principles to the challenge of endurance training—helping athletes overcome the common conditions of burnout and carbohydrate dependency.

With the combination of Evolutionary Science and Modern Genetic Science, Mark shares his overflow of knowledge with us, in the field of health and wellness.

“It’s all about the food you eat, the types of movement you choose to do, your sun exposure, the amount of sleep you get and even the amount of play you give yourself.”

The above is what Mark likes to call, our “Primal Blueprint.” Looking for ways to live your healthiest and happiest life while enjoying every bit of food you eat? Mark’s life hacks and tips allow us to do so without the feelings of regret and/or sacrifice.

“I want people to arrive at a space where they are intuitively making the kind of choices they feel good about in real time, but that don’t compromise their health long-term.”

Mark helps us understand that we in fact CAN have it all. The great foods, the fit bodies, the healthy heart etc..Our one life to live shouldn't have to revolve around sacrificing the food and things that make our mouths happy.

“It’s also about the movement. It doesn’t have to be something we dread. I like to find ways to move that are fun, so it can become something you look forward to, and enjoyable experience.”

Getting rid of all processed foods and “sweets” is on the top of his tip list. Re-wiring our brain to curb these cravings will help substantially. Listen in, to hear what Mark substitutes in, when he has those sweet cravings. (I’ve never even heard this one before!) With the most positive outlooks on intakes, Mark’s great advice will have you amped to be the healthiest version of you!

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Shifting metabolism
  • Peak energy
  • Fat loss
  • Health tips
  • Diet
  • Optimizing fitness
  • Food choices
  • Reduce cravings
  • Body input


For more healthy and sustainable tips, you can find Mark at Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website:

Nov 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity. It makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.” -Melody Beatty

Although I truly believe that every single solitary day should be filled with an abundance or thankfulness and gratefulness, it is important that today, before the hustle bustle and family/friend fun that you take a moment to sit in gratitude. You can not attract more of the good stuff, without already being grateful for what you have!

“Be thankful for what you have and you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you DON’T have, you'll never ever have.” -Oprah Winfrey

Before eating tonight (just another thing to be grateful for,) go around the table and have everyone name one thing they are “thankful for.” Creating bonds and family traditions are my favorite, so join me! Stop. Drop & Get GRATEFUL! Have a happy and healthy holiday!

In The Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Thankfulness
  • Gratitude
  • Family tradition
  • Celebration


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Nov 21, 2016

Lisa is the creator of the I AM Initiative: a self-defense through self-empowerment curriculum for pre/mid teen girls and the author of ‘I AM: A Girls Guide To Harnessing Superpowers’.

The purpose of her workshops and book is to empower girls and demonstrate the necessity of self-love in relationship to self-protection. Lisa Van Ahn is a professional boxer and kick boxer. She found her way to the sport after being exploited as a child, years of believing she was unworthy, and living as a victim. Once she began kickboxing, her self-esteem soared and she was able to heal the wounds that were inflicted in her younger years.

She started her fighting career in 1996, and quickly rose to the top of her sport with a regional Championship title and moved on to fighting professionally winning a national Kickboxing title in 2000. After winning her kickboxing title Lisa found fights difficult to procure and decided to take on the world of boxing. She boxed professionally in Las Vegas from 2001-2004 and fought on many prestigious cards and arenas including the Arco Arena SAC, and the Philips Arena, ATL. She also appeared on ESPN’s Friday night fights. Lisa still fights for the U.S. kickboxing team and won a bronze medal at the Pan Am Games in 2012. In 2015/16 she also participated as a competitor on the popular NBC show, American Ninja Warrior. Lisa’s passion for finding her inner superpower stemmed from her difficult childhood of being exploited. By the young age of 15, Lisa started having unfortunate suicidal thoughts after feeling like all her darkest secrets had been exposed. Coming from a place of deep salt-blame, Lisa struggled as a child, teen and young adult. Playing the “victim role” was all she knew, which again led her to making poor choices. At only 19, Lisa found herself in an abusive relationship with a much older man.

“I remember specifically one day as he kicked me out of his Bronco, I landed in the front entrance of a kick-boxing studio and had two options…I can sit here and cry or I can walk myself into that studio.”

Sometimes, it’s in our darkest moments that we find our truest selves. Lisa knew that was the perfect time to stop playing the victim, stop saying “I cant do anything about this,” and decided to turn her life around!

“Very often the world is going to put you down or give your mixed messages. You have to be able to recognize yourself!”

Young or old, still in search of your inner superpower?! Let Lisa be the one to help dust off the cobwebs on your wings, and if you're not even sure where to begin, recite the following with me:

“My thoughts guide my attitude. My attitude guides my actions and my actions create my reality.”

Don’t let anything fool you, the universe is always on your side of the ring! (Pun intended)

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Finding your superpower
  • Being mindful of your thoughts
  • Self love
  • Positive action
  • Empowerment
  • Knowing your worth
  • Protecting yourself
  • Boxing



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Nov 17, 2016

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” -Frederick Conan

Do the “expectations” of the holidays sometime’s bring you down? You aren't alone! We are inundated with commercials and TV shows/movies of the most perfect holidays, but let’s be honest…life happens.

First, it’s important to recognize and appreciate what is in you OWN home, right under your nose and secondly, if you do want more of that “commercial feel” you need to plan for it. Planning some games and/or quality time is the perfect way to add more happiness to your home. Accepted or rejected, it doesn’t matter! Haven't you always heard, “it’s the thought that counts?!”

Accepting everyone and anyone who joins you at the table this year, is a sure way to have the most perfect holiday. In fact, it is all of your differences, that make you a “family.”

Let us not forget, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Thankfulness
  • Expectations
  • Acceptance
  • Holiday chaos
  • Being present
  • Planning


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Nov 14, 2016

Dr. Amy Cannatta is an international coach, innovative business and life strategist, #1 International Best Selling Author for her book titled, PURSEpective; From Ruin to Resilience, podcast host, and blogger for The Huffington Post. She is passionate about teaching you how changing your perspective can turn tragedy into personal transformation. Focusing on resilience, perseverance, and positivity, she has personally developed a signature coaching program using her DREAM framework, the same strategies she used herself to transform from domestic abuse victim to VICTOR, doctor, and entrepreneur. Her personally developed coaching programs that combine her expertise as an intuitive, holistic chiropractor, business owner and life coach. When she is not getting caught red handed on her secret stash of sour patch kids or getting glares from her teenage daughters for dancing around the kitchen, she can be found outside enjoying nature and being a spirit junkie.

Growing up on a small farm in Connecticut, Amy went on to graduate high school and begin the Business School route in college. After completing her first year, Amy decided to drop-out. (I love a good “college drop-out" to awesome entrepreneur story!) Working any and every job you could possibly think of, Amy felt that she wasn't put on the earth to work the typical minimum wage job.

Being on the health and wellness career path now for about 10 years now, Amy has just recently shifted over from chiropractic work, to the “mentorship” side of things, helping high-aching women in the health and wellness field, try to start their businesses!

“Have never even gotten an adjustment before, I followed my faith to Chiropractic school. It just kind of lined up for me.” (No pun intended on alignment ;))

Aside from her many life accomplishments, Amy takes a moment to get super deep and personal. She’s a great example of the “perfect life scenario” when really, on the inside, no one knows the truth. Having been dealing with domestic abuse from her then husband, she takes us back to the exact day in 2002 when she felt the most humiliated in front of her classmates, yet the most relieved she had ever felt, as the wave of a “I will rise above” mindset shifted for her. Sometimes, it is in the most horrendous moments that we find such pivotal answers for ourselves.

“You cant have a rainbow, without the rain.”

From that day forward, Amy knew she had a message to share. One that could change the lives of others just like her, forever. She wasn't going to let this mess take her down.

“I wasn't going to survive, just to survive. I was going to thrive and then I was going to be a transformational healing voice for the world."

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Leadership
  • Living the life you desire
  • Transformational healing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Resilience
  • Domestic abuse


Want to follow Amy and her awesomeness? You can find her on both Facebook at Dr. Amy Cannatta and Instagram @Dr_amycannatta!

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Nov 10, 2016

“Peace, it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

In times of chaos, whether it be because of the holiday season, our country’s situation or maybe even something personal like your love life and/or job. It is remembering that peace is an inside job, that will help find the light at the end of the tunnel.

We are all guilty of getting wrapped up in the noise of a busy day, but it’s important to listen to our noise within, our inner voice. Our intuition and what speaks without words, can be the loudest.

“Grace and Space,” the two most incredible gifts to give yourself this holiday season.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Finding peace through chaos
  • Fear vs. faith
  • The little voice inside you
  • Giving yourself grace and space
  • Meditation
  • Prayer

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Nov 7, 2016

Samantha Skelly is Canada’s leading emotional eating expert and the founder of Hungry For Happiness, a movement to support women around the world who are suffering from disordered eating and body image issues. She is a award winning, sought out international speaker who delivers inspirational presentations to empower those who struggle with the relationship they have to food and their bodies.

Samantha has appeared on Global TV, Shaw, NBC and CBC to share her mission on an international platform. Hungry For Happiness creates online accessible and affordable recovery resources to those who are suffering in silence.

Samantha was awarded ‘Top 24 under 24’ in September 2013, In 2014 she was a finalist as the ‘Best Emerging Entrepreneur’ by Small Business BC. Samantha aims to create a disruptive company in the eating disorder recovery space. Her vision is to create the largest and most impactful online resource to support those who’s lives are negatively affected by issues with food and their bodies. For the majority of her childhood, Samantha was a stunt-double, dancer and child actress.

“If I wasn't on stage, I was in front of the camera.”

Everyone at school looked at Samantha like she had the coolest life, but to her it was normalcy. At the age of 14, Samantha auditioned and was chosen for a stunt-double role on the well known show, “Smallville.” But it was by age 18, that she wasn't even too sure of who the REAL Samantha was…

“I hit this wall where I didn't even know who I was besides a dancer and an actress.”

It was in that moment, where she decided that her future education wouldn’t be determined through a degree, but more from real life instances and traveling. Lucky for Samantha, her supportive parents were all for it. Moving to Australia, by herself, it was time to start the search for the real Samantha. Knowing no one and not even sure where to begin to “find herself,” she became obsessive with her body image and dieting. Being in a foreign land, it seemed to be the only thing she had any control over.

“I become so obsessive, that I found myself in the hospital after depriving myself of food and only eating about 4 tablespoons of yogurt a day.”

Not having found what she set out for, Samantha’s next move was England. Becoming a personal trainer there, she found it ironic that she enjoyed helping people get healthy, but behind the scenes she was slowly killing herself.

“I would weigh myself up to 20 times a day.”

Whether it be over eating or not eating enough or even just not completely and wholly loving the person in the mirror when we walk by, I feel like every one of us can somehow relate to where Samantha speaks from.

Connecting our worthiness to our bodies can be really intense.”

Seeking a help coach and learning that it is okay to spend some time on your own, Samantha began to find healing through meditation.

“The most confronting thing I ever had to do, was close my eyes and really get into my own body.”

Samantha teaches us that waking up each day with a new mindset is the first and best habit to get into, no matter the issue! Pretending that we are already “there,” that we are already at our goal, will teach our bodies to feeling and live those positive side effects.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Finding yourself
  • Life journeys
  • Obsessive tendencies
  • Dieting
  • Binge Eating
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Shifting your thoughts
  • Self love


You can find Samantha floating all over the internet at, Facebook: hungryforhappines, Instagram @hungryforhappiness and even on YouTube! Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook.

Nov 3, 2016

Are you ready for some inspiration overload? Have you ever wondered why “the magic happens” for some but not for others? Well, it’s really quite simple…let me spell it out for you!

The 7 steps to manifesting anything you want:

  1. Get clear- be specific
  2. Write it down
  3. Make a plan of action
  4. Trust in your daily actions, even if they are small
  5. Watch for signs in details, that are taking you in the right direction of course ;)
  6. Truly “FEEL IT” (Learn to get into the feeling of the thing you desire)
  7. Let go of the outcome! Stop resisting it!

“'Freak out mode' is your opportunity to surrender!”


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Oct 31, 2016

Amy E. Smith is a certified confidence coach, masterful speaker, and personal empowerment expert. Founder of, Amy uses her roles as coach, writer, podcaster, and speaker to move individuals to a place of radical personal empowerment and self-love. With acute focus on helping people "find their voice", she is highly sought after for her uncommon style of irreverence, wisdom, and humor and has been a featured expert on Fox 5 San Diego and Traveling all over with assistants and company cars in your early twenties, as a professionally make-up artist sounds amazing, am I right!? Amy thought so too, but the feeling was short-lived. Seeking medical help, for the anxious and rundown feeling she was feeling, Amy had an eye-opening pivotal moment. It was time for her to take her career path into her own hands.

“I felt like I was working myself to the bone for someone else’s dream.”

From one end of the spectrum to the next, Amy began taking personal development courses, to 1. better herself and 2. to learn how she could serve others around her.

“Over the passed 3 years I've been heavily focused on helping other 'finding their voice.'”

Saying YES and people pleasing when its not 100% authentic, gets old, frustrating and actually quite tiring! We get ONE life to live. It’s our personal choice how we want to live it! As the old saying goes, “There is a time and place for everything.” If constantly saying yes to your parents, your boss, your husband/wife isn't making you happy, then its about time you look deeper into why you’re trying so hard to people please. Growing up in an extremely conservative Born-Again Christian family, Amy had to learn when and how to flex her “voice muscle.” Conforming to others views just wasn’t working for her, as it shouldn’t. Our body muscles aren't the only thing we like to flaunt and flex. Allow Amy to help you find your voice, to complete the total package!

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Value
  • Self worth
  • Identity
  • People pleasing
  • Personal development
  • Saying NO when necessary
  • Finding and flexing your voice muscle


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Oct 27, 2016

Have you ever wanted to change someone? Has it ever actually worked out for you? Asking people to change or conform to our ideals may work for a short period, but in the long run it’s pretty impossible and to be honest, pretty unfair. Do you want to know whats NOT impossible? Changing our PERSPECTIVE on how we are viewing these individuals. Headed towards the mountain in the distance, with or without someone’s support is what should be your main focus. Of course, it seems more enjoyable to feel the extra love and support from who we are closest to, but that’s not always a guarantee. Instead of pushing and forcing a change upon someone, seek what you are “lacking” in yourself FIRST and watch how it can positively effect them, without even saying anything!

“Monkey see, monkey do.”

Some of the most beautiful things, comes from our biggest critics and our biggest lessons.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Feeling Support
  • Changing perspectives
  • Seeking within
  • Changing yourself FIRST
  • Growth
  • Inner peace

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Oct 25, 2016

Ryan Blair is a New York Times bestselling author, self-made multimillionaire and serial entrepreneur who established his first company when he was twenty-one years old and has since created and actively invested in multiple start-ups. Now at age of 38, he has founded and sold numerous businesses for hundreds of millions of dollars, runs global healthy lifestyle company, ViSalus, and is a venture capitalist. In March 2013, Blair released his paperback version of his #1 New York Times Best Seller, Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain: How I Went From Gang Member To Multimillionaire Entrepreneur. Uncensored and raw in his account of growing up in the face of adversity, Blair effectively imparts lessons learned from obstacles he faced and provides a road map for entrepreneurial success. Blair is no ordinary businessman: he’s a master of personal reinvention. His captivating story was also a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine, bestseller amongst others. Through a candid and unfiltered voice, Nothing to Lose speaks to everyone, from struggling youth to thriving businessmen alike, illustrating how to turn failures into successes. In April 2014, Blair debuted Nothing To Lose: The Documentary, which follows his inspirational story as he overcomes challenges and adversity as well as his personal hurdles while building ViSalus into a household brand. The documentary has won the “Best Producer” award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and “Best Documentary” at the Los Angeles Art-House Film Festival. On October 4, 2016, Blair revealed his second book, Rock Bottom to Rock Star: Lessons from the Business School of Hard Knocks, which explores how he rose to the top and shares his personal formula for going from rock bottom to "rock star” to be the absolute best at what you do. 

His biggest endeavor yet has been the overhaul of ViSalus, the company behind the Body by Vi™ 90-Day Challenge, a weight and fitness transformation platform. In 2008, as CEO, Blair went all-in, personally investing his last million dollars on a new business model that would later revolutionize the 118 billion dollar direct selling industry. In just 21 months, ViSalus went from 600,000 to 30 million dollars in monthly sales, and in 2011, they increased sales seven-fold from 34 million to 231 million dollars. In September 2014, Blair, with his co-founders, announced ViSalus and former parent company, Blyth, had reached an agreement to sell back 90-percent of shares to the founders of the company. Blair appears regularly on CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV, CNN, and Fox. He has also been featured in major publications including Inc Magazine, Fortune Magazine, BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times. Blair took a turn in movie production serving as Executive Producer of Man in the Glass: The Dale Brown Story, an award-winning documentary about the legendary LSU Basketball Coach. Growing up in a “Brady Bunch” family environment, Ryan shares with us how his life wasn't always as grandiose as it is now. Being a child in a veteran a family, at the age of 13 he witnessed his Fathers downward spiral, leaving his Mother alone to raise the children. Being paid just above minimum wage at the deli job she accepted to pay for her family, Ryan remembers a life of unfortunate poverty. Being forced to move “to the other side of the tracks” due to their financial situation, Ryan gets real about life on the other side. After his sisters best friend lost her life in a drive by shooting, Ryan decided to retaliate, indulging in the gang scene or “illegal entrepreneurship activities” as he called it. Growing up first-hand in the “rock bottom” kind of lifestyle, his real life experiences made it easier for him to write about it all, and gave him that extra motivation and push to not end up like his other brothers and sisters. Ryan wanted a plentiful and peaceful life for himself and his own future family. Thankful for his spiritual upbringing because of his Grandmother, Ryan goes on to share with us that at times, it was truly his spirituality that he leaned on heavily, to get him through life, along with love the he had for his Grandmother and Mom.

“They had always told me, 'You can be anything you want to be.'”

And Ryan did just that! In fact he went far beyond his wildest imagination. If you're in need of a shot of inspiration, you've come to the right place! Ryan’s interview is the answer you've been looking for.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Going from rags to riches
  • Leaps of faith
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Perseverance
  • Hard work
  • Choosing your path
  • Spirituality


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Oct 20, 2016

Clear roads and smooth sailing gets boring, can we all agree? It’s the rough waters and pot-holed roads who make us who we are. With major life choices arising in my own personal life, I thought it would be important to share with you all, how I deal with making a clear and positive choice.

“Doing what is right, isn’t always easy.” - Unknown

Making a choice in order to ease a situation or appease people, is a sure way to have it come back and bite you in the butt, sooner or later.

“The most successful people make the tougher decisions faster.”

Everything in our life is a reflection of our choices. It is our job to see the rainbow through the rain and the light at the end of the tunnel. No one will do that for us. Do yourself a favor and ask yourself these 3 things: Is this going to make me happy tomorrow? Is this going to make me happy next week? Is it going to make me happy in a year? Give yourself enough space to FEEL a situation. Don’t just go through something, GROW through it!

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Making clear choices
  • Intentionally seeking challenges
  • Setting boundaries
  • Putting things “off”
  • Reflection of our choices
  • Strengthening our faith


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Oct 18, 2016

Jonathan Fields inspires possibility. A New York City dad, husband, award-winning author, serial entrepreneur, teacher and strategist, he founded a number of game-changing wellness-companies, taught thousands of students and led workshops around the world on everything from yoga and mindfulness to conscious entrepreneurship and innovation. His new book, How to Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science and Practical Wisdom, offers a gateway to a life of meaning, connection and vitality.

To celebrate the book’s release and inspire early interest, Jonathan is doing something pretty extraordinary. In addition to offering fantastic pre-order bonuses, he’s teamed with the One Tree Planted foundation to plant a 10,000 tree “Good Life Forest!” When you pre-order your copy of the book before the October 18th publication date, you’ll also be sponsoring a tree and doing good for the planet (and for you). You can get all the details at

Now, working with his wife and a world-class faculty, he runs mission-driven media and education venture, Good Life Project®, where they produce a top-rated podcast channel and video-series with hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views and downloads. Good Life Project also offers in-person and online events and trainings, including their annual 400+ person Camp GLP gathering. Jonathan regularly keynotes at events and has been featured widely in the media, including The New York Times, USA Today, People, O Magazine, Vogue, Elle, Yoga Journal, SELF, Allure, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, FastCompany, Inc., Entrepreneur and thousands of other places that sound cool, but don’t impress his daughter all that much. When not writing, teaching, building things or telling stories, he can be found dancing around his living room with his wife and daughter. Coming from the typical schooling background, Jonathan continued his education to become a lawyer. After graduating law school, his body took a turn for the worst. Ending up in the hospital, Jonathan had some time on his hands to reevaluate life. Finding that two of his most passionate loves, were coming full circle: health and wellness and entrepreneurship, he decided to move forward with these new thoughts. Building his own businesses is what was next in line for Jonathan. He goes on to tell me that it was right around his late teens that he started asking himself “what are we all really here for?” and it was within the answer, that he knew he would go on to serve himself and his community on how to live a GOOD LIFE. Choosing his true passion over money, Jonathan knew it was the right choice to take a pay cut by following his dream, rather than staying in a profession that didn’t light up his life.You may attempt, but in the end you’ll realize that you can’t ever put a price tag on waking up happy. Steering towards a higher power to hear him out and be with him along the way, he tells us when this theory first started to set in.

After becoming a Dad, I started asking more questions and exploring ancient philosophy and tradition. It’s built on the concept of one-ness.”

With his new-found higher power and his wife by his side, Jonathan created the Good Life Project, a media and education venture.

“Of course there are sucky days, but if you were to stop me on any given day and ask me “Are you living a good life?” my answer would be, OH YEAH!”

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Living the good life
  • Serving your community
  • Choosing things that light you up
  • Your potential
  • Risk tolerant
  • Your higher power


For more tips on how to lead a happy and healthy life head on over to or find him on Instagram @Jonathanfields. Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website:

Oct 13, 2016

Long after our motivation and inspiration has simmered down, it’s our willingness and passion that brings a dream into reality. It’s the smaller, daunting tasks that we almost “hate” doing, that will separate the GREAT from the MEDIOCRE.

I have found that wherever there has been fear or doubt, I have just had to be willing to see the situation a different way. We are given two options, every single day, for every single situation. We can choose to see things through love or through fear. As stated beautifully by Gabby Bernstein in her new book, The Universe Has Your Back.

“There is only one thing required to change your life, and that is willingness.”

The willingness to love, to lose weight, to take a giant step outside your comfort zone, maybe even to forgive someone that has been weighing you down for years.

“Forgiveness is freedom for us. It’s not letting them off the hook, it’s letting us off the hook!”

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Willingness
  • Carrying out actions
  • Courage
  • Forgiveness
  • Moving forward
  • Support


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Oct 10, 2016

Geoff Woods is the Vice President of The ONE Thing Team. After hearing the Jim Rohn quote that "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" Geoff set out on a mission to surround himself with high level CEOs and successful entrepreneurs. Fast forward just 10 months, Geoff went from employee to entrepreneur, launching a company with the co-authors of the best selling book The ONE Thing. Geoff has been featured in and is on a mission to teaching people how to live a life of focus so they can have more by doing less. S

tarting out in medical device sales, Geoff has found that one of his biggest life transitions happened only about 18 months ago. It just goes to show you that, “it’s never too late!”

Leaving a secure job, especially when the pay is substantial, isn't always easy. But what comes easily, isn't usually what’s “right.” Like many of us, Geoff knew something was off, something was missing from his day to day life.

Unfortunately, yet luckily, two major events really hit Geoff right where he needed it. After witnessing a young colleague of his suffer a stroke and after receiving a 40% pay cut, it was time for him to make some serious life changes.

“You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn

Surrounding yourself with those who can help you reach your goals is one of the fastest ways to success. After launching his own podcast The Mentee, in January 2015, doors of opportunity began to open, bringing him and his family to Texas to work with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan for “The ONE thing.” Flashing forward to today and the accomplishments he has made for himself, Geoff goes on to tell us about the important art of time blocking!

“Every single day you are either marching towards your goals or stepping further away.”

He teaches us that doing the same one thing a day may not seem significant, but if you stack it up over a period of time, as you know the day will come where you look in the mirror and not even recognize yourself. This could go one of two ways. The reflection you see in the mirror can be someone you've always wanted to be and who you are proud of, or someone you have lost sight of altogether. From this day forward, I am challenging you all to time-blocking. For yourself, your health, your ultimate goals and your dream life.

“In all of our research it shows that it takes 66 days to form a habit.”

Quit biting off more than you can chew. Whether it be your first time ever or not, set a goal, no matter the size and stick to it!

Join the challenge and you can thank me later.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Making changes
  • Facing Challenges
  • Power Habits
  • Commitment
  • Time blocking
  • Identifying your “one thing”


You can find Geoff at and all over “The One Thing” Facebook page. Be sure to pop in on some of his Facebook lives! Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website:

Oct 6, 2016

“If you can accept the worst that can happen to you and live with it, then you will become Superman/Superwoman. You can do anything because your mind doesn’t get in your way.” -Bob Parsons

Creating the Bliss Project event was like entering into the world of the unknown. Coming from a solely fitness background, surrounding my career around mindfulness and the ability to teach it unto others, was at first, a scary thought.

“Why would they want to listen to me? Where will I find my audience?”

But I accepted the “worst” that could happen. Maybe no one would listen at all? Maybe no one would come? Guess what….This event has become my biggest prize possession thus far and we have sold out the 2017 event in just weeks of launching tickets! Face your fears, find your superpower and fly with it!

“I’d rather a life full of 'oh wells!' than 'what if’s?'” -Unknown

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Acceptance
  • Constant growth
  • Facing fears


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